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۱ مطلب با کلمه‌ی کلیدی «distro» ثبت شده است

Linux is about choice, but I'd rather be provided with reasonable defaults so that the needed customization is minimal.
Having heard about Linux Mint before, I decided to give it a try.

TL;DR: Mint has a good De-facto installation. Many applications which don't come with other distros (mostly because of patent and licensing issues), are already installed out of the box. But, beside not needing an install-fest, I didn't find anything special in Mint. Cinnamon was slick, the community seemed to be passionate and active, but nothing extra ordinary.

What I did NOT install in Linux Mint (which Ubuntu used to need):

  1. Codec: So you used to installed VLC and Mplayer and all those codecs? You won't need to do it anymore.
  2. JRE: Java Runtime Environment needed for running any Java application. A must-have.
  3. Pidgin: I used to do apt-get purge empathy; apt-get install pidgin, this time I didn't.
  4. Flash Plugin: Many scruffy-smelly-bad-guys on the web are flash-aholics.
  5. Nautilus Extensions: Believe it or not, I couldn't live without nautilus's "Open In Terminal" and "Open as root". They are installed out of the box, on Mint. Kudas!
  6. Synaptic Package Manger: You know what? I used to think that Canonical guys were idiots because of removing Synaptic from the default installation, and I still do.
  7. /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20archive: Haha. Who needs periodical cache cleanup? Mint has it disabled by default.

What follows is a list of configurations and customizations I did after a fresh installation. This is NOT intended to be anyhow general. Actually, it's more of a personal TODO-list-after-you-install-Mint, but I thought one might find something useful amongst these.

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